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Sweet Fairy Tales 2017

A Sugar Artist Collaboration

I am so proud to be part of the second installment of Sweet Fairy Tales! This year we were tasked with re-creating a Fairy Tale or story that you might have heard and put their own twist on it!


Sweet Fairy Tales is a collaboration of sugar artists who have come together to re-create some of your favorite fairy tales into sugar! This pieces have been printed in a book that you can purchase here:


All proceeds go directly to A wonderful non-profit organization that trains hundreds of teachers and librarians in Guatemala, delivers books to neglected schools and libraries, and brings reading programs to children in 68 communities.

Power of Music Collaboration Strikes a Powerful Chord in the Cake Community

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The goal of the Power of Music Collaboration is to have artists create a piece in any sugar art form be it cake, RKT, isomalt, wafer paper, etc of a song, album, musical group, piece of music, musical instrument that really affected them. Be it a song that was played at your wedding, an album that brings back wonderful summer memories, a makeup song that reminds you of your first kiss! Music is an incredibly powerful creative medium and research has shown that many creative types in other mediums play or listen to alot of music! Given the recent world wide political climate I think music will be playing a greater role in peoples lives. I am not making this political whatsoever but I know from personal experience that music has played a very important part of my life and I always reach out to it to help me get through things.

Read about the project in the July 2017 issues of



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